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Sometimes the users face difficulty with their sound in their Lenovo laptop. Many Lenovo models has volume control button on it. But what will you do if they also stop working? Don’t worry here in this blog; you will learn this technique also.

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Audio Setup

  • First of all make sure that the speakers are turned on. Locate the power button and examine the indicator lights. If you can locate the volume control on the speakers, ensure that it is turned up a little.
  • Now, inspect the audio connections. Ensure that the audio cord is linked to the appropriate output jack. The correct jack can be identified with an image of headphones next to it. The audio cord should be connected to the speakers or with an audio receiver.
  • Make sure that the system sound is on.
  • Navigate to Windows Sounds section, by clicking on the Start button> Control Panel and then Sounds.
  • Also, check if the sound level of the volume utility is at upper level and not muted.
  • Check the outer speakers with the sound button and set the high level on it. If the sound button is located on a wireless device then make sure that it is properly connected and can receive other commands from it.


  • Update your Lenovo drivers from the website drivers section.

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